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Frequently Asked Questions

When Is The Nursery Open?

The Village Nursery in Bramcote is open from 7.30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday for 51 weeks a year. We are closed for the period between Christmas and the New Year, in addition to Bank holidays.

Which Qualifications Do The Childcare Staff Hold?

We employ fully qualified Nursery Nurses who are certified with professional qualifications such as BA graduates, NNEB, B.Tec, NVQ levels 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2. We also employ experienced Nursery Assistants and Nursery Nurse Trainees who are assessed and working towards NVQ childcare qualifications. All staff have Paediatric First Aid training and qualifications.

When Are Nursery Fees Paid?

All nursery fees must be paid monthly in advance. The Village Nursery also accepts the Nursery Grant, and information on how to claim will be given to those eligible. We also accept many forms of Workplace Nursery Vouchers.

What Do I Need To Bring?

We would ask all parents to provide a spare change of clothing for their child, clearly marked with their name and kept in a bag. If your child is being potty trained then extra pants will also be required. An outdoor coat and shoes are also required for outside play. As outdoor shoes are not worn inside for reasons of comfort and safety, you may wish to provide slippers for your child to wear indoors. In the summer time, sun cream and sun hats are required for outside play. Nappies will need to be provided, with your child’s name noted on the packet.

Which Types Of Meals Are Available?

We have our own cook on the premises who provides hot, home cooked meals every day. The meals which are provided are as follows:

A rolling Breakfast

Milk and a healthy snack in pre-school

A Hot Two Course Lunch

Afternoon Tea

Formula milk feeds for babies are provided by the nursery

We aim to cater for all dietary requirements where possible, particularly for vegetarian diets and food allergies. We are also supportive of dietary requirements of a religious nature, and ensure the children benefit from a balanced diet of fresh fruit, vegetables and milk. We are careful to ensure a low sugar and salt content.

The Village Nursery provides the Aptamil range, SMA, SMA Gold and SMA Progress milk powder. If your baby is used to another product, we would ask that you provide this. It is advised that parents do not make bottles up until the baby is due a feed (health visitors + milk guidelines), so our Baby Nursery staff will be happy to make your bottles up. If you are breast feeding, you may wish to keep a bottle of expressed milk in our fridge. bottle of expressed milk in our fridge.

What are the Nursery Nurse to Child ratios?

At The Village Nursery we ensure that staffing arrangements cover as a minimum the following Staff:Child ratios.

For children under two - 1 staff: 3 children

For children aged two  - 1 staff: 4 children

Aged three and over   - 1 staff: 8 children

These ratios are in line with the Department for Education’s Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

I Would Like To Enrol My Child In The Nursery, What Happens Next?

We would like you to come and have a look at the Nursery and discuss your needs with us. Please arrange a visit to the nursery by booking an appointment by phoning the office. Please be aware that an appointment is necessary for security reasons. You are welcome to visit as often as you wish and talk to the staff. A two hour free session is available without any obligation, you may stay with your child or leave when you wish. Again, please make an appointment if you would like to try an introductory session. A deposit of two weeks fees is payable on acceptance of a Nursery place, which is deducted from the first month. This means a nursery place will be held for you.

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