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Children enjoy a structured timetable of learning activities covering all areas of the curriculum in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Communication and Language

Communication is encouraged in a variety of situations, either in structured learning, role play or free play. This provides the children with increased confidence with their speaking and listening skills. The Children enjoy listening to stories and are encouraged to respond to what they hear with relevant comments, questions or actions. They develop understanding by connecting ideas and answering ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions in response to stories and their experiences. Children within the pre-school also learn French in a fun way with a qualified early years language teacher.

Physical Development

Providing children opportunities to be active and interactive, either indoors or on one of our four outside play areas. Developing their physical control, movement and mobility. They Learn control within play, such as ball control (catching, kicking, batting) as well as skipping, and riding bikes and tricycles. They are assisted to develop good co-ordination and control to effectively use paint brushes and pencils for writing. The older children learn how to use a knife and fork during meal times, and manage their own personal hygiene successfully, including dressing and going to the toilet independently.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Children learn how to work, play, empathise, and co-operate with others, developing social skills that enable positive relationships to build. We recognise that every child is an individual, requiring different needs to facilitate their development. We listen to and talk to the children about their ideas, feelings and behaviour. The children learn how to adjust their behaviour to different situations, taking changes of routine in their stride.


Children learn phonic sounds to encourage them to link letters and blend sounds together to begin the process to read and write. Children at the nursery enjoy books, stories and rhymes, there is a reading scheme for those who are ready. They use their phonic knowledge to read regular words and write the words to match their spoken sounds. Some irregular common words are also explored. The children are encouraged to explore the meaning of words.


Practical “hands on” activities are organised to provide children with opportunities to develop their number recognition and counting skills with simple additions and subtractions, using objects and quantities including money to solve mathematical problems. Children examine shapes, sizes, weights, distance and time, recognising and describing patterns and sequences.

Understanding the World

A developing knowledge and understanding of the environment, other people and features of the natural and made world. The children explore similarities and differences in their own lives and in the lives of family members, exploring their environment and how environments might vary from one another. Providing a foundation for history, geography, science and technological learning. Computers with educational software are available for the children.

Expressive arts and design

A wide range of activities are explored by the children, including painting, drawing, craft, singing, making music, dancing and role-play. The children explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques by experimenting with colour, texture, shape, form, sound and space in two and three dimensions. They are inspired to share their own ideas and thoughts through arts and design in a safe environment.